St. Clair Township Community Christmas Home Decorating Contest Entry Form

St. Clair Township Travel and Tourism Outdoor Home Decorating Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our 2021 Community Christmas Outdoor Home Decorating Contest Winners, Greg and Jen Johnson from Woodland Drive!

Outdoor Home Decorating Contest Runners Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in our home decorating contest. There are a list of the runners up:

  • Craig & Missy Deering – 16490 Center St.
  • Jessica Jones  – 16353 Coolidge Avenue

We plan to make this an annual event, so be sure to bookmark our website and follow us on Facebook with our page notifications turned ON so you can stay in the know!


You can still visit our township to see the participants’ houses on display.

To access a map of houses participating in the St. Clair Township Travel and Tourism Outdoor Home Decorating Contest, please find a map of houses below.

Those houses participating are marked by a red star.

Here is a list of addresses participating:


Visitors are encouraged to visit the township during the holiday season to see the homes decorated. A marked map will be available to show visitors which areas of the township to visit to view homes. Visitors and residents are asked to vote on the best decorated house via Facebook.

If you are unable to vote on Facebook, you may vote physically with a ballot and drop it off at the mailbox located in front of the St. Clair Township building. Ballots will be located at the mailbox in front of the St. Clair Township Travel and Tourism office.

The grand prize winner of the home decorating contest will win prizes and gift cards valued at $100.

Additionally, for one week in December, visitors will be encouraged to participate in a business scavenger hunt. During this week, participating businesses will stamp cards of those visitors who visit their business.  

Visitors who have acquired four stamps will receive an ornament. Visitors who fill up their punch card in its entirety will be entered for a chance to win prizes from the participating businesses.

For more information on the business scavenger hunt, please visit our St. Clair Township Travel and Tourism business scavenger hunt page.

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